Now we are

We are merging

IAB Belgium, BDMA and STIMA have joined forces to become stronger than ever as BAM, the Belgian Association of Marketing.
BAM unites all marketing minded professionals with a common mission: create added value and relationships with your customers in a sustainable way.



Relations between consumers, customers and brands have shifted. Due to globalization, technology and a rapidly changing media landscape, there is a new balance between companies, politics and society. All this in a world where the individual seems to be standing in the middle.

There is a need in Belgium to re-build relationships. Companies have to re-invent themselves in a fast-changing environment. Marketing professionals need to come together and inspire each other in a search for more meaningful marketing. The Belgium Association of Marketing wants to put meaningful marketing at the heart of companies and society. Making the marketing professional a crucial asset driving brands and pushing companies forward.



We want to connect marketing professionals in an open community where people can plug-in according to their needs and active involvement. BAM is the association for all marketing professionals (individuals or corporate structures) connecting marketeers with other associations as well as the government representatives and consumer organizations. 



We have marketing HUBS at the heart of our association that connect you to key players, other associations and marketing experts around specific topics or strategic marketing themes. These HUBS delivering on relevant content, insights and a network with the capacity to organize events and trainings. The quest for meaningful marketing in Belgium is a continuous journey making HUBS agile, experimental and pioneering with one goal in mind: improving marketing as a whole and connecting the marketeer with its peers.

Join us and become a meaningful marketeer.

Within BAM we champion a more sustainable way of creating added value in relationships with consumers.

Founding Architects

BAM is supported by several Founding Architects whose names will be revealed at The Rentree of Marketing.

What happened to the membership?

What about membership?

All memberships from BDMA, IAB Belgium or STIMA will automatically be transferred to the Belgian Association of Marketing for the remaining duration of the membership. You will automatically become part of the new community with new member advantages.

The new membership formulas will be presented as of 15 September. When it’s time for your renewal, you will be presented the new BAM membership formulas to choose from.

If you are not yet a member of BDMA, IAB Belgium or BDMA, contact us on and we will be glad to propose you a membership formula as of 15 September.

Members Only

BAM Launch Party - 14 September

Together with all current members of BDMA, IAB Belgium and STIMA, we will celebrate the launch of the Belgian Association of Marketing at the end of The Rentree.

Registration is free and exclusive for members only.
Up to 5 persons per company.

Any questions? Mail to